Here is my collection of Javascript bookmarklets. Sometimes they are better than extensions.

Using the bookmarklets

To install the bookmarklet, drag the link to your bookmarks bar (if your bookmarks bar isn’t showing, you’ll want to turn it on first). After the bookmarklet is on your bookmarks bar, you can use it by clicking on it.

Screen capture dragging bookmarklet to bookmark bar

Capturing the page title and address of a website

  • Copy Title & URL - from Erik’s Bookmarklets. This bookmarklet will copy the title and url in two formats. One, when you go to paste into a document or email it will be a link, or two, when you paste into something text only it will be the plain text title and then URL
  • URL to Markdown - Copy Title & URL in Markdown format

Other bookmarklets

  • Google Switch - This bookmarklet works on Google documents, switching the currently open document between edit and preview mode.
  • Archive.IS - Bypass paywalls by viewing the current website on
  • ROT13 - ROT13 the selected text, usually for spoilers. This is not encryption!

Bookmarklet tools